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Process Control- Thyristor

Process Control- Thyristor is mainly used in plastic processing and furnace construction industries for regulating voltage supplied to a load. This equipment has key role in transferring power into thermal energy. Input, load type and other parameters of this equipment can be set via micro processor. All these functions can also be programmed through CD automation configurable software by using personal computer. It uses RS-485 ModBus as its communication protocol for promoting transferring of high rate of data quickly. It has IP-20 protection rating that adheres to CE and EMC standards. This Process Control- Thyristor allows its operator to monitor, to access data, to integrate with other equipments and to detect malfunction of industrial plants through its field bus system.


1) This thyristor consists of in built fuses that can be replaced easily.
2) This system can detect open fuse, SCR short circuit and SCR temperature related hazards.
3) It is completely burst proof.
4) It is equipped with voltage swing compensation function.