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Process Control Analytical Controller & Sensors
Process Control Analytical Controller & Sensors are useful for analyzing chemical properties of different substances. These energy efficient instruments are easy to operate. All their analytical data can be viewed in their display screen. These cost effective instruments have accurate mechanism.
PH Electrode and PH Meter
Ph Electrode and PH Meter are considered as the reliable options to assess acidity of water based solutions. With having 0 to 14 ph measurement range, these instruments are appreciated for their error free measurement technique, application of standard diaphragm and simple mechanism.
Metering System
Metering System is used to move different types of fluids (irrespective of their density) at high flow rate. Its application can be noticed in food and chemical processing plants. This system can endure up to 10 bar of back pressure.
Process Control- Temperature
Process Control- Temperature is used for precise controlling of temperature in different industries. Design of this PID controlled equipment conforms to DIN specifications. ASCII or ModBus communication protocol of this system guarantees about its error free function. Long service life and functional stability are its key factors.